Saturday, August 7, 2010

Control Freak? I think not!

I've shown you these beautiful cupcakes before. They were a gift for a lovely friend of mine whose birthday I was fairly late for! What I didn't show you, was that the control freak within let down her guard and let Will have a go at icing. He loved it, and to be honest, for a first attempt he did brilliantly! Yes, some of the cupcakes are slightly resembling dog droppings, but no one ever listens the first time when they're told to hold the piping bag close.
The closer you hold the piping bag (in my case a glad-bag with a corner snipped off is what I usually use), the more control you have. It's actually the same if you serve yourself 'soft serve' icecream. The closer you hold anything that comes out like that, the neater it will be because you have control of it before it can flop around.
Anyway, Will did a brilliant job and had a great time too.
And, in case you wee wondering, yes I let some of these into the gift boxes too. It was hard to do it, but I managed!!

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