Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pizza, glorious pizza.

Last night was pizza night in our household. The boys love it, and frankly, so do I. Will had requested it last weekend, but it was too late, we had everything for dinners for each night, and the shop was closed, so we couldn't get frankfurts and prosciutto. And I can tell you, my boys don't consider it pizza if it doesn't have frankfurt on it!! The thing I didn't do last night was to make my favourite pesto and roast sweet potato pizza. I'd forgotten to roast the sweet potato, and I was checking out some new blogs and came across an interesting looking pizza that I had all the ingredients for. I found it on a new-found blog:

It required me to grate 2 zucchinis, squeeze the excess water out, which I just did in some paper towel, and add 2 cups of grated mozzerella and some salt and pepper. This is where it became apparent that I actually DIDN"T have all of the ingredients! I don't buy grated mozzerella for my pizzas, I use bocconcini (baby mozzerella balls - impossible to grate!) So I improvised. I added a handful of parmesan, a handful of grated tasty cheese, and I crumbled up 2 of my bocconicini (it was all I could spare from the other pizzas!) I added my salt and pepper and put it aside.
I then mixed a cup of ricotta with a small amount of crushed garlic, and some salt and pepper. I then put that aside also and get started on the dough. I use Jamie Olivers pizza dough recipe, and it's never failed me!
I halve it to make 4 medium pizzas, this is enough for Mark and I, the 2 boys and leftovers for lunch the next day. It's as simple as mixing 400g bread flour (I sometimes mix white and wholemeal), 100g semolina, 1 sachet of yeast, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar and around 300-350 ml warm water. Mix it, knead it, and wrap it loosely in floured gladwrap.

When it is risen, cut it into 4, and roll each into a thin cricle (ish shape!!) Leave to rest for 10 - 30 minutes, it needs to relax. You can then put some easy to make tomato sauce on it: Heat olive oil, garlic and basil stalks (when in season), then add a 400g tin of whole tomatoes, mash them all up and add salt and pepper. Cook for up to 30 minutes (if you haven't the time, it won't matter).

For my new zucchini pizza, I spread the ricotta mixture, but it was really tricky. I needed to use my fingers. Then I spread the zucchini over the top, and you can sprinkle chilli flakes too if you like them.

Cook the pizzas until the crust is crispy, this depends on your oven and where abouts in the oven they are. Mine usually take about 10 minutes.
Slice them up, and enjoy. Last night I served mine with champagne, a toast to my mum.

Hope you have a go and enjoy!!


  1. looks good, but I still request pumpkin and pesto in two weeks!!! I made vice versa choc-chippers yesterday (thats what I am calling them - they were back to front choc chip cookies - choc cookie with white choc chunks) and then the most amazing banana bread today xxx

  2. I plan on making both that weekend. The boys love nothing more than leftover pizza, Will especially loves it if there's so much he gets it for school on Monday!! Love that banana bread recipe...always looking to improver - though mine is pretty good :)